HIV Homes

Positive Children’s Home –  Nellore

We established our positive children’s home in Nellore at the end of 2010.  Some have come and gone – due to a number of reasons – and in some sense the numbers remain a little fluid – as mothers or other relatives bring the children to us for a while then feel guilty and return to take them back.  This phenomenon is new to us and we think it has something to do with a sense of guilt on the part of the guardians for leaving their children with us.  They do feel the weight of their responsibility but often just can’t cope.  We are being as flexible as we can and the longer we run the more settled the children become which their relatives are seeing so they in turn are feeling more relaxed about leaving their children with us.

It has to be remembered that there is a great deal of suspicion when it comes to NGO’s in India as so many are corrupt.  Fortunately, we have established a reputation for both delivering and honouring our project’s intentions.  It is all a question of time.

As of 2012 there are eighteen children now with us full – time,  however, the current location is cramped and not something we are proud of so we are building another floor on top of the existing Little Hearts building in Nellore and plan to merge the children all together.

It is our plan to combine the children in the hope that it will work to end stigma, as the children have no problems with HIV.  It is only the adults that suffer stigma.  By bringing the children together, carefully monitoring their health and well – being we hope to break the mould on segregated child care.

Please see the Peaceful Children’s Homepage and blog in the list of homes for more information.


Shelter Home – Chennai

We support fifty percent of the running costs of this home established by Solomon Raj five years ago.  Solomon does a great job of activating local interest and support and so it is important that we do not interfere with this.  However, he does face high medical bills and the cost of running his home is significantly higher than other homes.

Shelter has been running for nearly five years and has a permanent number of twenty five children.  They have recently been evicted so thanks to some generous support we are building them a permanent home in North Chennai where they can feel secure and sure that no one can push them out of their home again.

In the long – term the home will become a focal point for those with HIV and it is intended that the staff who  live in the home will begin a micro – financing scheme producing cards that will help with their income.

Please see the Shelter Trust’s Homepage and blog in the list of homes for more information.

Narsannapeta Children’s Home in the Srikakulam District.

This is one of the most impoverished districts of Andhra.  We have established a home there for twenty children through our partnership with Brighter Future Trust.

The home is currently located next to the leprosy colony and is run by a local pastor who is from the leprosy community.  The building has been loaned by the leprosy colony which once served as their local centre.

From the home Brighter Future also run an HIV nutrition programme and have a regular clinic run by a local HIV specialist doctor.

Please see the  Homepage and blog in the list of homes for more information.

Shanti Nevas – home and hospice – Vizianagram.

This Brighter Future project is being funded by the Right Now Foundation.  The building was completed in June 2012, from a wide range of private donations from Brighter Future U.K. as well as a final top up from us.

Vizianagram is profoundly lacking in any health care or hospice facilities so this programme is widely welcomed by the HIV community.




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