Strengthening families

Illness, bereavement, loss of a job and poverty can make life perilously tough for families. In India when one parent dies or becomes ill families and children become extremely vulnerable. Surviving parents often have to migrate for work, they often become stigmatised and shunned from their extended family. Children are at risk of neglect, insufficient food and abuse.

Right Now for children works with families, understanding their needs and supporting them with income generation opportunities for parents. We support self help groups through the provision of self help loans to help parents earning capacity. Many parents start their own businesses such as tea and grocery shops, animal husbandry or tailoring services. The income and security helps parents get back on their feet and keeps families together. Until parents are able to we provide additional nutritional support for children through ration cards which parents are able to use to get milk, eggs, fruit, rice and vegetables at local shops. We help families, especially those suffering from HIV who are often shunned from local health provision, with a local doctor.