Homes and alternative care

Death of parents, abuse and neglect can put children in extremely dangerous situations. They are at risk of being trafficked, living on the streets, running away and further abuse. We believe that all children have the right to a safe and secure childhood so that’s why when children have no one else to look after them, we care for them. We care for them in small local loving homes, in places that are close to the communities that they come from. We work hard to maintain relationships with any existing family that they have and maintain social connections.

Our homes are small and run by husband and wife leaders, with a high staff to child ratio we model our homes on a normal family home. Our homes are all different in character as in any family home, however in all of our homes we cater for the emotional, educational and physical needs of children. Children go to school, receive extra tuition and have the space, toys and time to play, learn and develop. Homes give children the chance to recover from the loss and upheaval they have experienced, give them a sense of security and the opportunity to be children again. In addition we try to improve standards across children’s homes in all the districts and states we work in, and we have close working relationships with local officials where we share best practise and help train staff from government homes.