Children infected with HIV

We do whatever we can to ensure children infected with HIV survive, thrive, and are empowered to lead successful lives.


We work with children infected with HIV who have lost their parents and are living with extended family. We provide  daily nutritious food through ration cards at local shops, ensuring families are able to easily access fruit, vegetables and diary to help children stay healthy. We ensure children receive regular medical check ups and have access to medical treatment We work with families to ensure they are able to look after their children and children stay in the care of their families. For those children  who have lost their parents and who have no one else to care for them we care for them in loving family homes. Our homes provide specialist, compassionate and personalised care to ensure children are able to stay healthy and experience a normal , loving childhood where they go to school, play and have the space to support to learn and develop.  

Meet the children and families we work with

Grandma Jaya*


Grandma Jaya looks after her son's children Izna 8years old and Haima 5 years old after her son died and their mother abandoned them.
Jaya is a fish seller, she sells fish for 3 or 4 days a week, sometimes she makes enough money, some days not.
Izna and Haima  love their Grandma very much, and are happy and settled. The nutritional and medical support from the community nutrition project means that Jaya is able to feed the girls and ensure they stay healthy and thrive. 


Kamala & her mum Lekha*

Lekha is a single mum whose husband died of HIV, she works as a domestic worker earning 1050 rupees a month that pays for the rent of their one room shack. Kamala is 11 years old, she is HIV positive and frequently stigmatised and not allowed to play with the other children in the village. With no other family to help them the support they receive  from the community nutrition project means that Lekha is able to feed Kamala and can take her to see a doctor when she needs to.