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They are all different - they have different stories, needs and dreams. But they all need love and support so that they survive, thrive, and are empowered to lead positive, fulfilling lives. Which is why child sponsorship is so much more than a £20 donation, it helps a child feel special and part of a wider family.

Our children are amazing.



Nira is 10 years old and lives at one of our homes in Andhra Pradesh. When Nira was 6 her mother died and her father remarried. Her stepmother and stepbrother used to beat her. She was taken in by one of her mother's neighbours but when Nira was diagnosed with HIV, her mothers neighbour felt unable to cope. Since living at the home Nira has been given the emotional support and love to help her recover from her loss and trauma alongside the safety and security that was so lacking in her childhood.

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