Tribal Caste children

We do whatever we can to ensure that tribal caste children survive, thrive, and are empowered to lead successful lives. 


Tribal caste children experience extreme discrimination and deprivation. Living in remote villages they often lack access to basic services, such as clean water, local health care or good schooling. As subsistence farmers their parents lack financial security and tribal caste children experience high rates of malnutrition. We work with families, helping to improve their economic security by increasing livelihood opportunities. We provide advice, support and loans for enterprises and livestock. We provide nutritional support to address malnutrition, and work with families so that they are to improve children's diets in the longer term. We work to improve education, supporting local teachers with catch up teaching, support, educational materials and resources. 

Meet the children and families we work with


Pari is part of the local self help livelihoods group. With a loan of £100 she set up a local shop selling vegetables and groceries in the local village. She is now able to feed her children better and can buy them clothes when they need them. In the future she wants to grow her business to sell more products so that she can continue to support her children and make sure they get a good education. 


Jai and Diya*

Jai and Diya invested £100 to buy a cereal grounding machine to run their grinding business. Villagers from the surrounding five villages come to them to have their crops ground. Over the last 2 years they have grown the business and have now invested into breeding and selling pigs.  The profit they make means that they can buy books and uniform for their boys to go to school and feed their children well.